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Oracle NetSuite has enabled users to manage languages on pages and content on their SuiteCommerce webstores from a single place. That was one of the changes in the latest edition of the company’s online software.

Users can make the changes without needing to purchase a different language for each county. They can also quickly add full-featured blogs. The company saidthe  touchscreen interface “simplifies and increases the efficiency and accuracy of the packing process, while new functionality enables orders with the same shipping routes to beth grouped together so they can be packed together.” It also adds an extra layer of verification before orders ship. New Warehouse Management System capabilities can be used to enhance wave picking, tally scans, cart put-away and label printing. Picking waves can now be organized by delivery times and shipping address. Enhancements to Centralized Purchasing and Billing include the ability to consolidate purchases across multi-subsidiary organizations, generate vendor payments from a single location, and automate cross-charges. With SuiteApprovals Email Approval: organizations can click an email link to review, approve, or reject transactions.

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