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 Dynamics reseller Merit Solutions has issued the spring release of Merit for Life Science. The firm said the application includes enhancements to quality incidents, quality audits and materials batch management for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Among the features, quality incidents enable customers to capture details for any kind of incident whether a deviation, non-conformance, complaint or CAPA, and track the process and actions required to address the incident. Quality audits, audit trails and electronic signatures help the quality assurance team verify that companies are following standards and to, automate and manage internal process audits, or FDA or customer audits.  Quality personnel can access well-organized, transparent reporting to prove the validity of electronic records, and meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for audit trails with electronic signatures. Vendor delivery performance analysis and vendor quality analysis summaries provide filterable data on performance and quality trends for management of vendors while customers can utilize expanded Inventory Batch and Sub-batch controls to leverage a configurable rules-based process to split inventory via any combination of batch/serial/license plate dimensions.



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