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Payments company Paya has hired two senior executives. The company said this month is has named Michele Shepard as chief commercial officer and Balaji Devarasetty as chief technology.

Shepard will focus on developing and executing customer engagement strategies across sales, marketing, and customer success. Devarasetty will oversee product and platform development. Shepard was chief revenue officer for Insurity from 2018 through this year. In June 2017, she founded Maven Clinic MacroLab Solutions in 2017, where she provided advisory services for private equity portfolio, Previously, he was head of technology at Bakkt from September 2018 through this month. Before that, his experience included working at Integrated Payments/PayFacec from August 2013 through August 2018. He was CTO in his last two years and five months there. He sent 12 years at Diebold and was director of cloud services in his last two years there, from March 2011 through 2013 and was director of cloud services in his last two years there..

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