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Reseller Alithya has released its first environmental, social and governance report. The report outlines current best practices and identifies measures to be taken in the future.

The report encompasses workforce talent, organizational culture, cyber security and data privacy: governance and transforming to a lower-carbon economy. Alithya said the workforce plan is designed to foster a culture of collaboration and ownership while the organizational culture promotes values workplace excellence and a support for benevolence. Alithya noted it supports a model of cyber security integrity that begins at home and that it works to ensure customers are equipped with the tools to outpace the evolution of cyber threats. The governance plan is designed to produce strong leadership, a clear strategy for success and “has implemented a plan to protect its future.” The firm has also committed to lowering its carbon footprint and is utilizing measures such as Tele-working, waste reduction, recycling optimization, and the operation of in LEED-certified buildings leveraging renewable energy.


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