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Roman Kepczyk, XcentricThe Consumer Electronic Show was held this week in Las Vegas, Nev. While there were a lot of electronic toys, one trend that has more of an immediate business impact is the increasing size of monitors. "The big screens we are buying today are the little screen of the future," Roman Kepczyk, director of consulting services at Xcentric, said late in 2014 in a presentation about the direction of firm technology.

The flood of announcements out of the gambling capital includes 32- and 40-inch ultra HD desktop monitors from Seiki. That term ultra-HD is also accompanied by a stream of press releases about new monitors and televisions that utilize 4K technology—4,000-pixel horizontal resolution (in reality 3840 pixels by 2160 lines for ultra HD, according to various articles about it). The previous standard has been vertical resolution with 4K equating to 2,160 pixels under that measurement. The biggest looming change is the move to curved displays, which Kepczyk describes as being in the first generation and "a little expensive right now." Dell's entry into the field, a 34-inch UltraSharp curved monitor, that is supposed to be available this week, is priced at $1,199.99. But as with general technology trends, prices are expected to fall and major producers were expected to introduce new models this week.

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