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There are some new tales to frighten the kids on Halloween. One is about Casper the Friendly Ghost and his evil twin, Covid.

…New Jersey has a question on the ballot about legalizing marijuana. It ought to pass with ease. After all, this is the Garden State. We could combine this with Halloween next year. Adults will really go for the CBD-infused Reese’s Pumpkins.… Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been refused an audience with the Pope. Pompeo probably ruined his chances asking what he should sing for the audience and whether the Pope would applaud if he liked the performance. … “Now, the Titans quarterback drops back pass, but there’s a flag. Looks like the Tennessee team will be penalized by having too many people on the line with elevated temperatures.”  … Announcing Trump Aid, a gathering of top musicians to raise money to aid the President. Help him become a billionaire again. … The president, who has now tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, did not like wearing masks. But there was a simple step—he could have simply wrapped his combover around his mouth. I hope it does not affect then next debate because I have figured a sure fire way to keep Trump from interrupting. Just offer him a hamburger everything it looks like he will break in.

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